St. Malachy and Pope Francis I


Saint Malachy and
"The Last Pope"


   The St. Malachy prophecy was the most frightening prophecy ever recorded on the fate of the Roman Catholic Church and its papacy. In 1143 A.D., an Irish Catholic archbishop named Malachy O'Morgan recorded the "Prophecy of the Popes" using brief Latin phrases to describe 112 popes from Celestine II until the papacy of "Petrus Romanus" the pope who would witness the destruction of Rome.


     "During a final persecution of the Roman Church, sits Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock through many tribulations. This accomplished, the seven-hilled city (Rome) will be destroyed, and the Dreadful Judge will judge His people."                                                                               Saint Malachy


   On February 28, 2013, when Pope Benedict XVI unexpectedly announced his resignation from the papacy, the cross on the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica was struck twice by lightning, and the Internet was quickly ablaze with rumors about the impending election of Petrus Romanus, the "Last Pope" of the Catholic Church. Then, after 13 more days passed without a sitting pope, it was on the 13th day of March in the 13th year of the new Millenium, at exactly eight hours and 13 minutes in the evening, when the newly elected pope, Francis I, the two hundred and 66th pope, finally appeared on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica on a cold and rainy night.

   The election of "Petrus Romanus," or "Peter the Roman," caught prophecy watchers by surprise when pope "Peter" turned out instead to be pope "Pedro," the first LATIN AMERICAN pope elected to the papacy. And please note that this website posted its greeting to "papa Pedro" over a month BEFORE his election to the papacy. Petrus Romanus translates to "Pietro de Romano" in modern Italian, and when the pope was asked to name himself, he decided to call himself "Francis," after St. Francis "de Pietro" of Assisi. It was then later discovered that the family of Pope Francis I originally came from the small town of "Romano" in northern Italy.

   The Saint Malachy, Fatima, and Garabandal prophecies all describe a future attack on Rome by its enemies and a terrible fate for this pope. The strange part is that this prophecy came out of the Vatican Library's own vaults. Hopefully, this prophecy won't come true, but if you want to learn more about these prophecies predicting that Rome and the papacy will suffer ruin in the near future, just click one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your book by Edward Oliver.