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Chapter 9

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    In Chapter 9, Nostradamus once again uses the names of real people in his prophecies.  This chapter contains his famous prophecy on the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, that not only includes Franco's name, but also the name of his predecessor, Rivera (Castillian: Ribiere).  Later in this same chapter he outdoes himself once again by predicting that a major earthquake will take place on May 11th in the Mediterranean.  He says the quake will damage a Roman amphitheater and cause Ishmaelites (Muslims) to pray to Christian saints.  The world was shocked when on May 11th, 2011 this earthquake did indeed take place exactly as Nostradamus predicted.



   The castillian Franco, will leave the assembly,

   De castel Franco sortira l'assemblee,

   The ambassadors will not be pleased with the schism;

   L'ambassadeur non plaisant fera scisme;

   Those of Rivera will join in the fray,

   Ceux de Ribiere seront en la meslee,

   But a great gulf (of water) denies them entry.

   Et au grand goulfre desnier ont l'entree.

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   Q #9-16 The Spanish dictator Primo de Rivera (Castillian: Ribiera) had ruled Spain since 1923, but the 1929 stock market crash sent Spain into a state of political discord.  General Franco, Spain's second most powerful leader, was ordered to the Balearic Islands as left and right wing factions struggled for control of Spain.   Franco was then sent even farther away to the Canary Islands.  But when he saw that Russian and American communists were about to take over his country, Franco flew to Africa to lead Spain's Africa Corps in a military coup.  The Gulf of Spain denied his entry to the continent, but with aid from the Axis powers (Hitler and Mussolini), Franco was able to obtain the boats he needed to cross the gulf and establish himself as Spain's new ruler.




   The lilly Dauphine will be taken to Nancy,

   Le lys Dauffois portera au Nansi,

   Judged in Flanders to be inheritor of the empire;

   Jusques en Flandres electeur de l'empire;

   A new problem for the great Montmorency,

   Neufue obturee au grand Montmorency,

   Without the authority to deliver just punishments.

   Hors lieux prouvez delivre a clere peyne.

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   Q #9-18 When King Henry II was unexpectedly killed in a famous jousting match in 1559 (see Q.#1-35), the young Dauphine was hustled off to Nancy where the Protestants held power.  The Pope moved quickly to try to seat his Catholic candidate, Henry de Guise, on the throne of France.  But the regent queen, Catherine de Medici, was successful in seating her son on the throne as King Francis II.  The great Compte de Montmorency was Constable and chief law enforcement officer of the realm with powers second only to those of the King.  But without support from the new King, Montmorency lost his legal authority to enforce the law, and was eventually removed from office.




   By night they shall come through the forest of Reines,

   De nuit viendra par le forest de Reines,

   The two, by an alternate route, the Lady in stoic white,

   Deux par vaultort Herne la pierre blanche,

   The monk in black and grey, toward Varennes,

   Le moine noir en gris dedans Varenne,

   The elected officials raise a fiery tempest, blood flows.

   Esleu cap. cause tempeste feu sang tranche.

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   Q #9-20 At the height of the French Revolution, King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette, disguised as a monk and a nun, attempted to flee during the night to the coastal city of Varennes.  They travelled by way of the alternate northern route through the forests of Reines.  The King and Queen were recognized by the innkeeper at Narbon who then sought assistance from the mayor of Varennes in arresting the couple and returning them to Paris.  The King and Queen were sentenced to be guillotined for their attempted escape.




   The forest warden will be shouting from near the bridge,

   De bois la garde vent cloz rond pont sera,

   Politely greeted, he shall strike the Dauphine;

   Hault le receu frappera le Daulphin;

   The old fox will pass aided through the woods,

   Le vieux teccon bois unis passera,

   He will travel far beyond the borders of the Dutchy.

   Passant plus oultre du Duc le droit confin.

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   Q #9-27 Nostradamus finally solves the mystery of the fate of France's "Lost Dauphine".  After the overthrow of the French monarchy during the French Revolution, the young son (Dauphine) of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette was placed into the Temple prison.  His fate after this point has never been determined by historical record.  This quatrain reveals that he was secreted out of prison and placed with nobles somewhere in Europe.  But his location was eventually found out, and since he was heir to the throne of France, he fell victim to a successful assassination plot.




   For (her) part, alone Marie will be mitred,

   Le parte solus mary sera mittre,

   Returned to the conflict, she will pass by the Thuilleries;

   Retour conflict passera surle la Thuille;

   By five hundred the betrayal will be avenged,

   Par cinq cens un trahyr sera tiltre,

   Narbon & Saulce, by their high deed, having been stained.

   Narbon & Saulce par coutaux avons d'huille.

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   Q #9-34 When Marie Antoinette asked her maid why the people were rioting in the streets, the maid replied "because your majesty, they have no bread," whereupon the Queen allegedly said "Well let them eat cake.", because this was what she was forced to do when the cooks in the royal kitchens ran short of bread.   This alleged remark became the battle cry of the French Revolution against liberal isolationism.  For her alleged remark, Marie was despised even more than her husband, King Louis XVI.  On October 16,1793, Marie was led to the guillotine wearing the paper mitre of one shamed.  Saulce, the mayor of Varennes, and Narbon, an innkeeper, later received a reward of 20,000 francs from for their high deed of arresting and returning the King and Queen to Paris.




   The hidden omens of danger delivered,

   Les soulz signez d'indigne delivrance,

   And many having advised against it,

   Et de la multe auront contre advis,

   The monarchy placed in impending danger of change,

   Change monarque mis en perille pense,

   Enclosed in armor they will meet face to face.

   Serrez in caige se verront vis a vis.

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   Q #9-47 Henry II of France was warned by his astrological advisors not to place himself in physical danger of injury during his 41st year.  Nostradamus added to this warning by predicting Henry's fate in a now famous quatrain recorded in Quatrain #1-35.  Henry ignored the warnings and participated in a jousting match in 1559 against Count de Montgomery.  During the match, a splinter from Montgomery's broken lance penetrated the golden visor his jousting helmet and pierced his eye and brain.  Henry suffered and died 10 days later of his wounds.  Queen Catherine de Medici later summoned Nostradamus to predict the fates of each of her seven children.   Nostradamus was later awarded the title of "Physician in Ordinaire" of the French Court.




   Ghent & Brussels will march into Antwerp,

   Gand & Bruceles marcheront contre Envers,

   The London Parliament shall put their King to death,

   Senat de Londres mettront a mort leur Roy,

   The salt & wine shall be their undoing,

   Le sel & vin luy seront a l'envers,

   For them having placed the kingdom in disarray.

   Pour eux avoir le regne en desarroy.

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   Q #9-49 In 1649 for the first time in British history a commoner took over the throne of England after Britain's economy collapsed from war debt.  Bankers in Brussels and Ghent couldn't wait to descend upon Holland and England to buy up the spoils of war at bargain prices, but a law passed 360 years earlier in England prevented these Jewish bankers from entering Britain.  England's military leader Cromwell used this fact to stir up resentment among British liberals against the King.  Liberal discontent with exclusion of Jews eventually resulted in the beheading of King Charles I.  The liberal election of Cromwell was a disaster, and when Cromwell finally died in 1658, the liberals were ousted, the monarchy was restored, and Cromwell's body was exhumed and hung on chains for all England to see.




   An act of pillage on the seacoast,

   La pille fait a la coste marine,

   At the new fort & kinsmen are taken;

   In cita nova & parenz amenez;

   Many of Malta, through the actions of Messina,

   Plusiers de Malta, par le faite de Messine,

   Will be closely confined and poorly supported.

   Estroit serrez seront mal guerdonnez.

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   Q #9-61 In 1565 the Ottoman leader Suleiman the Magnificent ordered the capture and destruction the island of Malta.  The Christian Knights of Malta however, had dedicated themselves to defense of the island.  When news reached the Messina that Malta's newly built fort at Saint Elmo had fallen, the Christians of Messina decided to overrule their leader, Don Garcia, and launch a rescue attempt.  But their armada of ships ran into a storm at sea and had to turn back.  The valiant Knights of Malta were left to defend their island alone.  Outnumbered 3 to 1, they incurred such serious losses upon the Muslims that the Arab forces finally decided to abandon the seige, and the battle was won by the Christians.




   To the corner of the Moon he shall be sent,

   Dedans le coing de Luna viendra rendre,

   Where he will be taken & placed upon alien soil;

   Ou sera prins & mis en terre estrange;

   The fruits of the effort will produce grand acclaim,

   Le fruitz immeurs seront a grand esclandre,

   Great shame for one greatly praised.

   Grand vitupere a l'un grande louange.

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   Q #9-65 On July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong appeared on TV as he took his first historic steps on the Moon.  President Richard Nixon had completed former president Kennedy's dream of a successful Moon landing.  The last line of this poem may be referring to Nixon's fate of having to resign from office in shame, but many people think Armstrong never travelled to the Moon, and that the entire event was a hoax.  They believe it is Armstrong who will be shamed when the true facts are finally revealed.   Did president "Trickie Dickie" Nixon fool us?  Once again, Nostradamus captures our attention with the last line of this poem.




   The nation taken over, the King shall be called to answer,

   Le regne prins, le Roy conuiera,

   The (King's) lady sentenced to death by a jury chosen by lot;

   La dame prinse a mort jurez a sort;

   The lives of the Queen's children will be denied,

   La vie a Royne fils on desniera,

   And the prostitute also judged an accomplice.

   Et la pellix au sort de la consort.

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   Q #9-77 At the height of the French Revolution, the king and queen of France were arrested while attempting to flee the country, and were returned to Paris to be tried by a jury chosen by lot.  The king and queen were sentenced to be guillotined, and the queen's heirs were jailed.  The king's mistress, the Madame du Barry, was also tried and sentenced to be guillotined.




   The sun in 20 degrees of Taurus, so strong shakes the earth,

   Sol vingt de taurus, si fort de terre trembler,

   That the great theater, repleted, will be ruined;

   Le grand theatre rempli ruinera;

   The air, sky & land, dark & troubled,

   L'air,ceil & terre obscurcir & troubler,

   Then shall the Infidel invoke God & the saints.

   Lors l'infidelle Dieu & sainctz voguera.

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   Q #9-83 On May 11th, 2011 (20 degrees of Taurus) the most powerful earthquake in over 50 years struck the southeastern coast of Spain.  This deadly earthquake shook the three Spanish towns of Lorca, Cartagena and Aguilas.  The town of Cartagena contained a recently restored (repleted) "great theater," or Roman Amphitheater, that was damaged by the earthquake.  It is difficult to imagine Muslims (Infidels) praying to Christian saints, but this area of Spain is populated by the Moors, who are in fact former Muslims who many years ago converted to Christianity, and therefore now pray to "God and the saints".  As usual, this prophecy was fulfilled right on schedule, and exactly as Nostradamus described it.




   For seven years Philip's fortunes prosper,

   Sept ans sera Philip fortune prospere,

   But will be reduced by Arab opposition;

   Rabaisera des Arabes l'effait;

   Then a southern entanglement reverses the situation,

   Puis son midi perplex rebours affaire,

   A young upstart will undermine his strength.

   Jeune oignyon abysmera son fort.

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   Q #9-89 This is another case of Nostradamus using proper names in his prophecies.  King Louis-Philip was seated upon the throne of France in 1830 on the occasion of the celebrated French conquest of Algeria. His fortunes prospered for 7 years until a young 29 year-old Arab upstart named Abd al Qadir, finally recaptured most of southern Algeria, forcing Philip to sign the Treaty of Tafna. This event seriously weakened Philip's power, and eventually led to his downfall.  Could Nostradamus have predicted your future too?  To find out, simply click on the link below to order your copy of Edward Oliver's 350 page book, "Prophets and Frauds."




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