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William Miller and
The Great Disappointment

   The Reverend William Miller was a brilliant man who successfully deciphered the prophecies of Daniel.  Reverend Miller's revelations still form the basis for modern interpretations of the book of Daniel today.  Miller studied the Bible in great depth for many years and announced that he had finally deciphered the secret codes of the book of Daniel determining the time of the return of the Lord.  He preached his controversial theory in local churches and found many people receptive to it.  Miller soon developed a loyal following.

   Miller and his followers proclaimed that the end of the last beast (Revelation 13) would occur around the year 1845 and that the great event would be preceeded by a Rapture of Jesus' followers up to heaven on October 22, 1844.  Many loyal Millerites trekked up to the tops of mountains all over New England and patiently waited to be Raptured up to heaven at the stroke of midnight.  When no Rapture occurred, Miller's followers were forced to suffer the laughs and jeers of townfolk all over New England as they returned from the "Great Disappointment."

   But unknown to Reverend Miller, an error had occurred during one of the many transcriptions of our English bibles from the original Greek Septuagint text.  Reverend Miller's calculations were based on the 2300 year prophecy of the book of Daniel, but unknown to Miller, the Vatican copy of the Greek Septuagint records that number as 2400 years, changing Miller's date for the end of the "last of the transgressors" from 1845 to 1945.  And it was indeed the year 1945 that marked the end of Adolf Hitler's empire that did indeed commit the greatest of all offenses against Hebrews.

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